Date: 1st July 2016
Wall Washers
RXQ39 wash wall lampStructure: extruded aluminum lamp body,Website:http://www.roleds.net, with a German import silicone sealing ring of die casting end cover. Surface using anodic oxidation treatment, according to the project needs to be processed into different colors;- light distribution: at the top of the light source cavity with 4 mm thick transparent toughened glass cover closed, and is equipped with warm white (3000K), neutrophil (4200k), cool white (6000K), RGB multiple light sources, and PMMA lens in the optical components of the assembly, wall wash uniformity high;Performance: at the same time using the thermoelectric separation design, increase the stability of electrical performance and the use of lamps and lanterns;- Specifications: product cross section 41 * 27mm, each specification is 300mm / 500mm and 1000mm three length is optional and low pressure preset DC24V power supply driven.