Date: 1st July 2016
Wall Washer
RXQ37 wash wall lamp1,Website:http://www.roleds.net, the surface electrostatic pensu processing technique of lamps and lanterns, corrosion resistant antioxidant 2, USES the German import waterproof aging resistant silicon rubber sealing ring, satisfies the requirement of environment use3, 4 mm thick glass used high light transmittance of toughened glass, impact resistance, high light efficiency 4, built-in LED professional design of radiator, can automatically recover overheating protection5, waterproof breathable membrane inside and outside differential pressure balance lamps and lanterns, prevent siphon and condensation phenomenon 6 match light treatment, professional, high washing wall evenness.7, thermoelectric separation design, enhanced the stability of the electrical propertiesOptical dataTechnical chartsThe control system of FIG.FittingProduct Performance