Date: 1st July 2016
The Spherical Point Source
RDG300 spherical point light source1 simple and beautiful,Website:http://www.roleds.net, lightweight device for the landscape to add artistic effect;2 light body for high quality aluminum alloy high pressure casting forming, surface electrostatic spray processing, heat dissipation effect is good, anti-aging, anti-corrosion;3 light body surface color can be selected according to customer;4 light transmission cover using imported PMMA material, mixed light effect is good, anti-aging, anti UV;5 Germany imported anti aging silicone rubber waterproof sealing ring, the structure of the two waterproof, to meet the requirements of the use of harsh environment;6 built in constant current drive, low cost control;7 built in professional LED design cooling device, can automatically recover the overheating protection;8 can realize monochromatic light and color dimming can be controlled by the various changing effect;