Date: 5th July 2016
Rubik's Cube Series Leds
1, material: aluminum alloy lamp body, the side cover and back cover, Japan teijin PC lens material, corrosion resistance to ultraviolet, through the puncture resistance IK08 test. Surface using military level 3 hard anodic oxidation process, thermal conductivity of up to 230 w/m * K. Lamps and lanterns of SUS304 stainless steel stents, have gear lock function, the minimum adjustment Angle of 10 ?.2, light distribution: lamps and lanterns is equipped with a high standard of particles OSRAM, show to show, high brightness, high light distribution, precision optical design;3, performance: choose Japan too on capacitance, the TI chip, phillips driver imported electronic components, such as guarantee the performance of lamps and lanterns; Adopts the steps of the professional waterproof structure design, protection grade up to IP67; Increase heat sink design, at the bottom of the heatsink 40 mm deep, density of 2.7 g/cm after; Using thermoelectric separation design at the same time, increase the stability of electrical performance and service life of the lamps and lanterns;Optical dataTechnical chartsThe control system of FIG.Fitting