Date: 1st July 2016
Low Pressure Cast Light
RTG90 low-pressure led floodlight1,Website:http://www.roleds.net, the surface electrostatic pensu processing technology of lamps and lanterns, corrosion resistance to oxidation.?2, lamps and lanterns with calibration adjust Angle function.3, lamps and lanterns has non-slip fixtures.?4, configuration, air tightness detection device.5, waterproof breathable membrane inside and outside differential pressure balance lamps and lanterns, prevent siphon and condensation phenomenon.?6, the lamp body is made of high quality aluminum alloy die casting.7, built-in LED professional design of radiator, can automatically recover overheating protection.?8, thermoelectric separation design, enhanced the stability of the electrical properties.Optical dataTechnical chartsThe control system of FIG.FittingProduct Performance