Date: 5th July 2016
LED Point Lighting
1. Concise and beautiful, lightweight device, a variety of mounting bracket;2. The light body for the high quality aluminum alloy die-casting molding, using anodic oxidation process, the cooling effect is good, ageing resistance, corrosion resistance;3. The light body surface color can be selected according to the customer4. Pervious to light cover use transparent high pervious to light glass, the design of diamond surface refraction, pervious to light area is large, strong and durable;5. With German import waterproof aging resistant silicon rubber sealing ring, secondary waterproof structure, meet the bad environment using requirements;A built-in constant-current drive; 6.7. It can realize single color and full color light, can be controlled by controller changes effect;Optical dataTechnical chartsThe control system of FIG.Product Performance