Date: 1st July 2016
Handrail Lamp
RXT15 line lampStructure: streamlined extrusion aluminium body with high heat resistant plastic end cover,Website:http://www.roleds.net, and USES the internal cavity is waterproof glue, and adopt surface anodic oxidation treatment, can be processed into different color according to the project, the light source cavity at the top of the optional high-quality PC mask and extruded aluminum mask;Light distribution: lamps and lanterns with warm white (3000 k), neutral white (4200 k), cold white (6000 k), a variety of light RGB, and optional square concentrated high light transmittance of PMMA cover to prevent color temperature deviation and enhance brightness of light output;Specifications: product cross section 15 x 18.5 mm, each specification is 300 mm / 500 mm / 1000 mm length of three kinds of optional, and preset DC24V low-voltage power drive;Optical dataTechnical chartsThe control system of FIG.Fitting